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Phoenix Remote Modem Service
To monitor processes, collect data, and make program changes from an off-site location.
Remote access dial-in kit provide solutions for connecting to a programmable logic controller and / or network of processors over a modem dial-up connection.
The kit includes additional ports to allow you to access the PLC, locally, without disconnecting or reconfiguring the access kit once installed.
This type of setup offers you the opportunity to have a qualified automation programmer connect, monitor processes, collect data, and make program changes from an off-site location.
Service package online minutes are sold for this type of service, and are available at a reduced cost compared to the standard on-site service rates. Furthermore there are no expenses billed such as airfare, travel time, car rental and hotel.
Due to a wide variety of PLC models and configurations, a system analysis must be conducted to determine what type of modem kit will be quoted.
You can Contact Us to obtain a custom-made package that will suit your hardware specifications.

The following informations are required:
  • Type of Processr
  • Available Ports
  • Devices or peripherals that are permanently connected to any port
  • Rack Size
  • Existing PLC network
  • If Multiple PLCs are to be setup on a network where they can be accessed through one modem, the distance between each processor is required to determine the correct cable length and if any signal boosters or relay stations will be required. (Certain PLC configurations may not allow a simultaneous network and modem setup.)

Note: Preferably, a dedicated telephone line must be routed to the electrical enclosure that will house the modem kit. If an existing active telephone line is to be used, it must not be interrupted during a live connection to the PLC or network.

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