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Phoenix On-Site Service
Providing on-site technical assitance, whenever needed.
Phoenix on-site technical services are available to support your staff during both planned and unplanned maintenance tasks. Our skilled service professionals can also be used to supplement your in-house resources helping to save time and reduce costs during installation, configuration, commissioning and maintenance.

On-site services include:
  • Machine Start-Ups and Repairs.
  • PLC Programming and PLC programs Mods.
  • Refresher Training.
  • System Performance Audits.
Machine Start-Ups and Repairs:
  • These calls are pre-scheduled and provide you with a field technician who is experienced in the task at hand.
PLC Program Modifications:
  • With PLC programming and programs modification or tweaks, we can help you achieve a higher throughput, thus saving you valuable time and lowering your cost per pallet.
  • Train your operators to maintain high levels of operation, and optimize stretch film usage by testing pre-stretch efficiency
System performance Audits:
  • System performance audits allow you to benchmark your system’s performance

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Stretch Efficency Test
Are you throwing more than 50% of your stretch film out the window without even knowing it?
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