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  Phoenix High Profile Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper


Phoenix PHP-2100 High Profile Semi Automatic Features and Benefits

Stretch Wrapper PHP-2100
Phoenix stretch wrap equipment is loaded with more features, more flexibility, and more capacity than any competitive machine! The Phoenix stretch wrap product line is based on one simple concept. Design a durable dependable machine that will, day in and day out, tackle all your tough applications, while providing the maximum in customer flexibility in case your requirements change. Features, Durability, and Flexibility is maximized to ensure that your stretch packaging equipment is ready for most any requirement your marketing or your customers throw at you.
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  Production Rate:   Up to 30-40 loads per hour.
  Capacity:   4,000 Lbs.
  Table Type:   48" Octagonal table
  Table Speed:   15 RPM
  Std. maximum load size (Other sizes upon request):   56" W x 56" L x 80" H
  Powered Pre-Stretch:   245%
  Electrical Requirements:   120vac, 1 phase, 60 hz, 15A
Features and Benefits of the Phoenix PHP-2100 Pallet Stretch Wrapper:
Phoenix 48" Hig Profile Turntable48" Table all Welded Constrution
Octagonal Table, 4,000 Lbs.
Load capacity 56" W x 56" L x 80" MAX Pallet Size
Phoenix Stretch Wrapper 4000 lbs High Profile Turtable (5 Casters)Phoenix Basic Turntable (4,000 Lbs. Capacity)
The Phoenix Semi-auto Turntable is designed with durability in mind, but we have also designed our turntable systems to offer many features that competive models just don't offer!
Industry Leading Standard 15 RPM VariableTurntable Speed, One of the lowest turntable elevations in the industry at 8 3/4" to protect the under workings of the table drive, 48" Octagonal Turntable, all welded construction for strength, 4,000 Lbs. Capacity (max.), 5x- Heavy Duty Table Support Casters c/w grease nipples & roller bearings, #50 ANSI Roller Chain & Sprocket Drive, Variable Speed Controlled Turntable (up to 15 rpm), Positive Turntable alignment sensor .
Phoenix Touchpanel ControlsPhoenix Touchpanel Controls
The Phoenix Operator Interface Control Panel provides many features most competitors offer as options
Independent Variable speed up/down carriage control. This feature is often overlooked, but provides more film application control and realized film savings, Separate 1 to 9 top and bottom wrap selectors. Most competitive models offer a single 1 to 3 wrap selector switch. If a load required 4 top wraps and 2 bottom wraps for shipment, this would not be possible on many competitive units. With Phoenix, we understand the demands customers face and provide this flexibility, Multiple Wrap Patterns including Wrap Up/Down and Wrap up only, Variable Turntable Speed, Autoheight Photo-Eye for Variable Load Height detection, Film Force to Load (Tension) Control, Power on/Off, Large E-Stop, Pause Cycle, Jog Controls for Carriage up/down and turntable.
Why would you pay extra money with competitive models if you can have these feature
already included in the price at no extra cost?
Phoenix Stretch Wrapper Genesis 2000 - Powered Pre-Stretch Carriage - 20"20" Powered Pre-Stretch Film Carriage
A solid design concept both mechanically and electrically for a durable, dependable powered pre-stretch film carriage with added operator safety in mind.
Many under estimate the importance of a properly functioning pre-stretch system and the weight it holds in the scheme of a stretch wrapper. Without this critical element working properly, money are literally going out the door with every pallet load you wrap.

Film Carriage Features:
  • Pre-Stretch Rollers carry a lifetime warranty.
  • Side tower mounted for easy operator access. Controls on opposite side for safe operation and easy access with side-hinged carriage threading door.
  • Powered pre-stretch of 245% with roller chains for stretnght.
  • Proximity sensor with linear feed-back control.
  • Automatic power shut-off of drive rollers with door monitoring switch for additional safety.
  • Integrated auto-height pallet detection photoeye with adjustable slide to quickly set overwrap.
  • Precision roller bearings on all roller for better performance.
Phoenix PHP-2300 TowerPhoenix 2100 "Classic" Tower Construction
Simple and safe in its design approach, Phoenix has created a sturdy tower for carriage travel incorporating a structural steel element attached to the machine base with solid reinforced plating. Safe for the machine working elements as they are enclosed in a surrounding steel tower body.
HSS rectangular tube main support, surrounding steel tower body to protect lifting & rotation motors, UHMW wear guides for film carriage, maintenance free operation with belt carriage lift, adjustable upper and lower limit switch travel blocks, flat electric cable designing for repeated flexibility.

5 Years Unlimited Waranty5 Year Warranty
Warranty period for this stretch wrapping system is 5 years.
Lifetime warranty on the pre-stretch compound carriage rollers.
Please read our full terms and conditions here

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  PHP-2100 PHP-2150 PHP-2300
Turntable Speed: 15 RPM 15 RPM 16 RPM
maximum load size (Other sizes upon request): 56" x 56" x 80" load size (80” Diagonal) 56" x 56" x 80" load size (80” Diagonal) 56" x 56" x 80" load size (80” Diagonal)
Maximum Load Weight: 4,000 Lbs. (1,814 kg) 5,000 Lbs. (2,267 kg) 5,500 Lbs. (2,494 kg)
Turntable Base: 5x high capacity table support casters 7x high capacity table support casters 9x high capacity table support casters
Electric Requirements: 120 VAC /15 A / 60 HZ 120 VAC /15 A / 60 HZ 120 VAC /15 A / 60 HZ
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty 5 Year Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Phoenix PHP-2100 Stretch Wrapper Keypad Control Panel
Keypad Control Panel with Variable Speed Drive
20" powered prestretch carriage
20" Easy Threading powered prestretch film carriage.
Turntable with 5 heavy duty casters
Turntable c/w 5 Heavy Duty Casters on Welded Supports.
Tower System
Carriage Lift and Tower Systems.