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  Phoenix High Profile Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper


Here’s how we design and build our turntables to stand out:
Design Challenge:
Constant loading and unloading of heavy pallets on the turntable takes it's toll on this most critical element of the machine. Heavy-duty, robust construction and durable components are the choices we make when it comes to this part of the machine.
Phoenix PHP-2100 Stretch Wrapper Turntable Base
  • 5X– High capacity table support casters containing roller bearings with easy access center grease nipple.
  • Support casters made of polymer compound for smooth and quiet operation.
  • Positive direct drive using #50 roller chain ensures positive table rotation.
  • High resolution pulse count system for table rotation provides precise top and bottom wrap counts and aligns the table back to its original start position.
  • Larger, Heavier, and Faster wrapping than most competitive machines with our 56” x 56” load size, 4000 lbs capacity, and up to 15 rpm table speed.
What you might see with competitive models:
Phoenix PHP-2100 Stretch Wrapper Keypad Control Panel
Keypad Control Panel with Variable Speed Drive
20" powered prestretch carriage
20" Easy Threading powered prestretch film carriage.
Turntable with 5 heavy duty casters
Turntable c/w 5 Heavy Duty Casters on Welded Supports.
Tower System
Carriage Lift and Tower Systems.