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  Phoenix High Profile Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper


Phoenix PHP-2100 Stretch Wrapper Keypad Control Panel
* Alternate control panels available as options.
Here’s how we design our controls to stand-out.
  • The Phoenix Operator Interface Control Panel offers options and flexibility.
  • Independent Variable speed up/down carriage control.
    This feature is often overlooked, but provides more film application control and realized film savings. More expensive automatic wrappers provide this feature and we provide it with our Semi-automatics also as it allows you to start the cycle by moving upward at full speed. This ensures the load gets a spiral wrap applied while getting the carriage to the top of the load as fast as possible. This allows you to contain the top of the load which is typically the most unstable. Once the top wraps are complete you are then able to travel downward at a reduced wrapping speed to ensure that the required film is applied to contain the load. Most competitors provide only one speed, forcing you to move upward at the same slow rate as on the way down causing more film to be applied unecessarily. Again adding extra cost to each pallet wrapped.

  • Separate Top & Bottom wrap counters from 1-9.
    This provides the maximum flexibility for all your wrapping needs. Most competitive models offer a single 1 to 3 wrap selector switch which limits your capability to meet your customers requirements. For example:
    Many pallet loads require more than just three wraps applied to the top. Many retail customers supply specs that require 4 or 5 revolutions on the top. This is not possible with many competitive models.
    Very often different amounts of film need to be applied to the top of the load and the bottom. You may require 3 top waps and only 1 bottom wrap. This again is not possible with competitive models as you are forced to put the same amount of film on the bottom as you did on the top. Applying extra film where it is not needed dramatically increases your film cost per pallet.

    Don't be limited in your ability to meet any of your customers requirements. With Phoenix, we understand the demands customers face and provide this flexibility.

  • Multiple wrap patterns to select from: Including Wrap Up/Down and Wrap Up Only, Cycle pause and Re-Inforce Wrap. Just to give you added flexibility to meet your customer's requirements.
  • Variable Speed Drive for Turntable Speed.
  • Autoheight Photo-Eye for Variable Load Height detection with adjustment slide for easy changes.
  • Film Force to Load (Tension) Control
  • Power on/Off, Large E-Stop, Pause Cycle, Jog Controls for Carriage up/down and turntable.
  • Broken film alarm lets you know when the stretch film runs out. It stops the carriage travel where it was during the cycle and allows you to continue where you left off when the roll is changed.
  • Reinforce wrap button applies more film anytime during the wrap cycle when extra film is needed.
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Phoenix PHP-2100 Stretch Wrapper Keypad Control Panel
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