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"Best in Class" Performance at a "Best in Class" Price !

High Profile Turntable Stretch Wrapping Machines are designed specifically for forklift loaded applications. The key reasons for this series of Stretch Wrap Machines are:
  1. A High Profile Stretch Wrap Machine Turntable is raised to provide easy loading and positioning access compared to low profile Stretch Wrap Machines.
  2. A High Profile Stretch Wrap Machine also handles oversized or overhung loads without them dragging on the frame like a low profile machine.
  3. Because the drive system is located right under the turntable, you do not have the added maintenance issues associated with low profile machine turntables where the transmission drive must be remotely located away from the Stretch Wrapping area.

Semi Automatic High Profile Turntable Stretch Wrappers

"Review the basic types below to help determine the Pallet Wrapper that best meets your particular needs."
Phoenix high profile pallet wrappers
A Phoenix PHP-2100 during a typical warehouse operation, learn more about this stretch wrapper here or watch videos here
  Phoenix PHP-2100 Entry Level Prestretch Wrapper  
Phoenix PHP-2100 Entry Level Prestretch Wrapper


Entry Level Pallet Wrapper

  • Excellent for typical warehouse environments.
  • Provides consistent, repeatable wrap machine performance.
  • 4000 lbs weight capacity with 15 RPM stretch wrapping speed.
  • "Best in Class” control features and capabilities.
  Phoenix PHP-2150 High Profile Stretch Wrapper  
Phoenix PHP-2150 High Profile Stretch Wrapper


Our Most Popular High Profile Pallet Wrapper

  • The most popular durable high profile stretch wrapper for all requirements.
  • Can be custom engineered to meet specific applications.
  • 5000 lbs weight capacity, 15 RPM stretch wrapping speed.
  • Fully loaded control features for maximum flexibility.
  Phoenix PHP-2300 Top Of The Line Stretch Wrap Machine  
Phoenix PHP-2300 Top Of The Line Stretch Wrap Machine


Fully Loaded Stretch Wrapper

  • Our top of the line stretch wrapping unit.
  • Ultimate stretch wrap machine capability for all applications.
  • 9 roller bearing support casters provide up to twice the table support of competitive models.
  • 5500 lbs weight capacity, 16 RPM stretch wrapping speed.

Want to See Our Semi Automatic Pallet Wrappers in Action?

Semi Automatic Stretch Wrappers Videos
Watch our Semi automatic stretch wrappers in action!
Each semi automatic pallet wrapper has unique features. We’ve made these videos so that you can see the benefits for yourself and find the semi automatic pallet wrap machine that is right for you. Here’s to increase productivity and reduced costs!

Semi Automatic Stretch Wrappers Videos
Still looking for the right stretch wrapper to fit your unique applications?
Explore other Phoenix semi automatic stretch wrapping machine options.
PLP-2150 stretch wrapper
Phoenix PLP-2150 Stretch Wrapper
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