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Many manufacturing operations have order pick and pack operations which require multiple operators using pallet jacks to arrange orders for shipping. These operations can be relatively high speed and thus require an automatic stretch wrapping system. The design below uses a low level conveying system with a pallet jack ramp to allow operators to introduce pallets to the automated wrapping system.
High speed automation
  • Pallet jacks, electric walkies or even triple pallet riding trucks can now be used to feed an automatic system ensuring increased production, improved load retention and film and labor savings.
  • Customized loading systems: Just another way Phoenix is willing to adapt equipment to meet your customers requirements.
  • Call (514) 956-1525 or contact us here for more information concerning this or any other custom application.
Pallet jack loading low level conveying system Pallet jack loading low level conveying system
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Pallet jack loading low level conveying system  
Feature Overview
  • High speed Automation for the distribution center environment.
  • 5" pass height makes loading with pallet jack quick and efficient compared to competitive models that require operators to push loads up 8-10" inclines.
  • After stretch wrapping, the loads can, be removed using a forklift or by adding another access ramp.
  • Watch a video of the system in operation.
Phoenix is constantly customizing stretch wrap equipment to meet specific customer applications. If you have an application that you would like us to look at, please give us a call at (514) 956 1525 or contact us here
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