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Phoenix Automatic Custom Applications
Automatic Customized Applications
Customized Top Sheet Dispenser
Customized top sheet dispenser manufacturing plant   Customized top sheet dispenser manufacturing plant detail
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  • High speed lift travel.
  • Large travel range from 12" to 108".
  • Designed for poly tier sheet application.

Customized Automatic PRTG-A Inline Multiple Load Wrapping
Inline Multiple Load Wrapper
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  • Designed for fast multiple load wrapping.
  • Application included 2 rows of 3 "back to back" PRTG-A Rotary Arm.

PRTA-2150 Custom: Allows loading with Pallet Jack and unloading with a Fork Lift Truck
Custom ramp to facilitate loading with pallet jack
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Customized for loading using a Pallet Jack and unloading using a Forklift truck. Includes:

  • 5" pass height conveyor.
  • Thermo Bar Film Cutter.
  • Electric Barrier Light Curtain.
  • Custom Loading Ramp for Pallet Jack.
PRTA-2150 + extra wrap height dual arm and top platen for load stabilization.

The video shows the PRTA-2150 Automatic Rotary arm at the customer warehouse facility. The system was custom built to allows high speed wrapping of very tall and unstable loads as well as standard loads of light stacked products. The system includes extra height wrapping capacity dual arm and a Top Platen to provide load stabilization.


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