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  Phoenix Non Conveyorized Rotary Arm Automatic Pallet Wrapper - Cantilevered Frame


Phoenix PRTA-2200 Stretch Wrapper

The PRTL-2150A provides fully automatic stretch wrapping without the use of conveyors. The Phoenix PRTL-2150A offers the power and efficiency of a fully automatic stretch wrapper without the space demands of a conveyor. This rotary arm automatic stretch wrapping machine is versatile; it’s often used in special applications for heavy and unstable loads. The rotary arm design is compact so it can fit in almost any warehouse.

Either pallet jacks or Forklifts can be used, simply located the pallet on the floor in the wrapping area. The operator then yanks the pull cord to start the automatic wrapping cycle. The machine then completes the cycle by clamping, cutting and treating the film tail so that the operator simply removes the processed load. The machine is then ready to process another load without any operator interference.
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  Production Rate:   Up to 40 loads per hour.
  Capacity:   Unlimited
  Frame Construction:   Cantilevered frame
  Table Speed:   14 RPM
  Std. maximum load size (Other sizes upon request):   52" W x 52" L x 80" H
  Powered Pre-Stretch:   245%
  Electrical Requirements:   120vac, 1 phase, 60 hz, 15A
Features and Benefits of the Phoenix PRTL-2150A Pallet Stretch Wrapper:
Phoenix Pushbutton ControlsPhoenix Pushbutton Controls
The Phoenix Pushbutton Control Panel provides many features most competitors offer as options
Independent Variable speed up/down carriage control. This feature is often overlooked, but allows more film application control and realized film savings, separate 1 to 9 top and bottom wrap selectors. Most competitive models offer a single 1 to 3 wrap selector switch. If a load required 4 top wraps and 2 bottom wraps for shipment, this would not be possible on many competitive units. With Phoenix we understand the demands customers face and provide this flexibility, pushbutton and Selector Switches, multiple Wrap Patterns including Wrap Up/Down, Wrap up only and Top Cover Pause, Variable Turntable Speed, selectable Overwrap Height, Film Force to Load (Tension) Control, Power on/Off, Large E-Stop, Cycle Pause and Jog Controls for Carriage up/down and turntable.
Why would you pay extra money with competitive models if you can have these feature
already included in the price at no extra cost?
Phoenix Stretch Wrapper Genesis 2000 - Powered Pre-Stretch Carriage - 20"20" Powered Pre-Stretch Film Carriage
A solid design concept both mechanically and electrically for a durable, dependable powered pre-stretch film carriage with added operator safety in mind.
Many under estimate the importance of a properly functioning pre-stretch system and the weight it holds in the scheme of a stretch wrapper. Without this critical element working properly, money are literally going out the door with every pallet load you wrap.

Film Carriage Features:
  • Automatic power safety shut-off. Most competitors talk of safety but leave the power to the carriage and the dangerous rollers live when the film change door is opened. Phoenix includes this safety shut-off with a door monitoring switch to ensure the carriage is completely safe when the operator is changing the film. Competitive models leave the prestretch rollers LIVE and DANGEROUS. Phoenix eliminates this work related accident hazard as well as the insurance and man hour costs associated with it.
  • Lexan safety cover shields the operator from dangerous pinch points and moving rollers when carriage is operating as OSHA and CSA requires.
  • 245% Powered pre-stretch
  • Pre-Stretch Rollers Carry a Lifetime Warranty
  • Side tower mounted and easy access with side-hinged carriage threading door for easy operator access.
  • Proximity sensor with Linear feed-back control
  • Integrated auto-height pallet detection PE with adjustable slide to quickly set the amount of film to be applied over the top of the load (overwrap). This can even be done on the fly, unlike the competition that requires a dismantling of the carriage and adjustment of internal electrical controls and the machine must be stopped each time to regulate with a Hit and miss approach.
    Competitors do not allow for easy adjustment for this important part of the cycle.
  • No Film Threading During Film Change: No need for threading instructions and diagrams here. The Phoenix film carriage design allows for the fastest and safest roll change in the industry. Simply open carriage gate, lay the film on the gate, and close the gate. IT'S THAT SIMPLE !
Phoenix Ring BearingRing Bearing Arm Support
This precision ground bearing support is the same principal that is used for army tanks, cranes and foundry equipment where large oversized structures need to be supported in extreme harsh environments. Although the use of such a bearing in a light application like a stretch wrapper is extreme over-engineering, it provides a clean bullet proof solution to the weight support and rotation.
Phoenix Ring BearingAutomatic Film Cut and Wipe System
The pneumatic controlled Cut and Wipe System automatically cuts the film and applies the film tail to the load. A timed impulse heat system, cold to the touch in seconds offers a safe cutting system. Pneumatic driven clamp holds the film tail during rotation. The clamp release the film tail at the end of the cycle and once the arm or table stops the film clamp is activated to close and hold the film for the cutting process.
5 Year Warranty
Warranty period for this stretch wrapping system is 5 years. Lifetime warranty on the pre-stretch compound carriage rollers.
Please read our full terms and conditions here
Phoenix PRTL-2150A Stretch Wrapper Pushbutton Control Panel
The PRTL controls features an Allen Bradley PLC with pushbutton and selector switches
Phoenix PRTL-2150A Stretch Wrapper Easy Threading Prestretch Film Carriage
20" Easy Threading Powered Prestretch Film Carriage.
Phoenix PRTL-2150A Stretch Wrapper Rotary Arm and Carriage Lift System
Dual Boom Rotary Arm and Carriage Lift System.
Phoenix PRTL-2150A Stretch Wrapper Rotary Commutator
Ring bearings are used on motor cranes, hydraulic excavators, foundry equipment, and army tanks due to their ability to withstand harsh environments while supporting large oversized structures.
PRTL-2150A Clamp Cut and Brush
Pneumatic Controlled Cut & Wipe System automatically cuts the film and applies the film tail to the load.