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  Phoenix Rotary Ring Automatic Pallet Wrapper


Here’s how we design our controls to stand-out.
Phoenix PRRA-2100 Stretch Wrapper Keypad Control Panel
Stand Alone Nema 12 Enclosure.
Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC
Allen Bradley Operator Interface (*HMI)
24V Control System
Autoheight Photo-Eye for Variable Load Height detection.
Film Force to Load (Tension) Control
Cutler Hammer Photoeyes
Power On/Off
Large E-Stop
Jog Controls for all motions

Allen Bradley Variable Frequency Drive

Phoenix PRRA-2100 Stretch Wrapper Keypad Control PanelAllen Bradley Power Flex Series variable frequency drive controls all motors on the machine. This ensures maximum performance including:
Ultimate acceleration and deceleration control that effectively eliminates lurching starts and stops associated with standard motor starters that topples even typically stable loads. Eliminates the maintenance issues associated with the DC motor brushes. Digital readout allows for monitoring of the speed, amps, voltage, etc. and alarm diagnostics simplifying the troubleshooting process. Drive is internally protected and is totally enclosed thus eliminating the potential for shock and accidental short circuits.

Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC

Phoenix PRRA-2100 Stretch Wrapper Keypad Control PanelThe Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC is filled with features and options designed to handle extensive range of applications. The MicroLogix controller has the following additional functionality and benefits. Programming/Human Machine Interface (HMI) port in addition to the Channel 0 port — provides an inexpensive means of providing an extra port that can be used for programming using a personal computer with Rockwell Software RSLogix 500 software, or connecting an operator interface device to your controller. In addition a field-upgradeable flash operating system ensures you will always be up-to-date with the latest features, without having to replace hardware. The controller can be easily updated with the latest firmware via a web site download.
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Phoenix PRRA-2100 Rotary Ring Control Panel
Control panel with Nema 12 enclosure, Micrologix PLC, and Allen Bradley Operator Interface (HMI).
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Phoenix PRRA-2100 film carriage
A solid design concept both mechanically and electrically for a durable, dependable powered pre-stretch film carriage with added operator safety in mind.
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2 HP motor with VFD, Ring frame lift with dual #60 ANSI roller chain, steel runways with oversized wheels, all steel contruction for ring and lift frame.
Phoenix PRRA-2100 Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper
Allen Bradley Power Flex Series variable Frequency Drive controls all motors on the machine to ensure maximum performance.
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Phoenix PRRA-2100 Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper Travelling Clamp
The PRRA key feature is that the film clamp and film tail treatment travels vertically with the film carriage. This design feature enables the machine to literally start and finish a wrap cycle anywhere on the pallet.
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