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Stretch Packaging Equipment For Agriculture


Transporting fruits and vegetables can be a challenging task for those involved in the agriculture industry because of high impacts and pressure sensitivities. Produce products that are shipped and transported in crates and cartons have to be handled with the appropriate care. Without the proper ventilation and protection from moisture, the load will be at risk of premature spoilage and damage. However, with the right stretch packaging solution, you can ensure that your intended recipient receives the produce in excellent condition.

Agriculture professionals aim to deliver the freshest fruits and vegetables while protecting their produce from any damaging impacts. In order for produce to breathe and remain fresh, they can’t be completely wrapped. This would be equivalent to taking freshly picked strawberries and sealing them in plastic bag. Within a short period of time, these strawberries would spoil.

Farmers face a similar challenge when they take their produce right from the field and bring it in to be wrapped. The produce has to get wrapped within hours of being picked and shipped off to the grocery stores. However, farmers can’t use regular stretch packaging systems that would completely suffocate all of their boxes and cause their produce to quickly spoil. But, they still need a method of holding all of the produce packages together.

So, what’s the solution? Catering to those in the agriculture industry, the Phoenix High Profile Stretch Wrapper with the Breathe Easy Film Slitter was designed to provide customers with an efficient and cost effective stretch packaging solution. Eliminate any special ventilated or netted film from your applications and save thousands of dollars every year!

Watch this video to see the stretch packaging solution in action. It incorporates sliced stretch packaging film to create bans around the produce and unitize the boxes, while leaving air pockets for the produce to breathe.

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Potential Industries: Agriculture, Produce, Floral Industry.

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