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Stretch Wrapper For Light Or Tall Loads


A tall, lightweight load is one of the most challenging stretch wrapping applications. In the pallet load featured in the video, trays of empty 2-liter bottles are stacked 10 feet high. Our beverage industry client needed a stretch wrapping machine to apply just enough force to keep the load together and protected from the elements, but not too much to crush the empty PET bottles.

A Phoenix semi-automatic stretch wrapper – with extra height to accommodate the tall pallet – gets the job done. The oversized pallet fits on the turntable and the extra height of the semi-automatic stretch wrapper gets the stretch wrap all the way to the top of the load. Watch the cycle closely and you’ll notice the top cover pause, adding three revolutions of stretch wrap to the top of the pallet load to provide extra support.

The semi-automatic stretch wrapper (PLP-2150) is the backbone of this PET bottle/beverage distribution center. Though the video shows a single load being wrapped, viewers should notice several other identical stretch wrappers on the warehouse floor. The PLP-2150 is a high speed machine, wrapping at 15 RPM. This team of stretch wrappers keeps up with the high volume production of the PET bottles.

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Potential Industries: Beverage.

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