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Semi Automatic Low Profile Stretch Wrapping Videos

Best for pallet jack operations; these machines are designed with the turntable positioned less than 3 inches from the floor. Using a ramp, pallet jacks can easily place loads on this series.

Semi Automatic Low Profile Stretch Wrapper

PRRA-4000 Rotary Ring at Customer Production Warehouse
Phoenix PLP-2100 Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper
The PLP-2100 is built to handle the constant loading and unloading of heavy pallets. Its extra- large turntable – 56x56 inch – handles most pallets with ease. This versatile model also allows for different wrap configurations, such as wrap up, wrap down, and top cover pause.
Watch this stretch wrapper in action.
PLP-2100 High Profile
Unitize The Load Consistently, While Providing Your Pallet Load With a Professional Look
The Phoenix semi automatic low and high profile pallet wrapper are the perfect choice for stretch wrapping up to 80-100 pallets per day. These machines will provide a safe method of unitizing the load consistently, while providing your pallet load with a professional look that your customers demand. 
Watch the video and learn more here
Breathe Easy Film Slitter For Egg Processing Packaging
Turntable Stretch Wrapper With Film Slitter For Egg Processing Packaging
The Breathe Easy Film Slitter slice the film into 3 or more individual bands than can be adjusted in width. Ideal for products that require air flow (such as produce, dairy products, flowers or like in this case eggs) to help prevent condensation from building up under the film. 
Watch the video and learn more here
Optional Film Auto Cut
Film Auto Cut Eliminates The Need For The Operator To Get Off His Forklift
The optional Film Auto Cut eliminates the need for the operator to get off his forklift when removing the pallet from the turntable. When the wrapper is finishing its last revolution, the film is automatically cut from the film carriage allowing the load to be removed.
Watch the video and learn more here
Phoenix PRRA-2100 - Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper
Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper Has Performance, Speed And Flexibility
As shown in the video, little interaction is necessary by an operator. After customizing the settings for the load (i.e. film force, rotations speed, carriage up/down speed) at the control panel, the wrapping process begins. Our standard control panel is fully-loaded and enables flexibility and versatility.
Watch this stretch wrapper in action.
High speed empty bottle wrapping using rotary ring technology
Stretch Wrapper For Light Or Tall Loads
A tall, lightweight load is one of the most challenging stretch wrapping applications. In the pallet load featured in the video, trays of empty 2-liter bottles are stacked 10 feet high. 
Watch this stretch wrapper in action.
Phoenix Breathe Easy Film Slitter For Canned Food
Breathe Easy Film Slitter For Hot Canned Food Wrapping
The Breathe Easy Film Slitter provides an affordable solution that allows airflow throughout the load, allowing the product to breathe, eliminating condensation. Ther video shows the film sliter wrapping hot cans of food.
Watch this stretch wrapper in action
High speed empty bottle wrapping using rotary ring technology
Pallet Wrap Machine Outfitted with Breathe Easy Film Slitter
Watch the video to see the pallet wrap machine apply the bands tightly around the pallet load. Beyond perishable food packaging, the breathe easy film slitter is also used in applications where a high tension stretch wrap is required. The bands have a much higher breaking point than a full web of stretch film.
Watch this stretch wrapper in action
PLP-2150 Low Profile Stretch Wrapper for Windows
Customized Stretch Wrapping Machine For Windows
The video below is showing a modified version of a window stretch wrapper machine. Typically, these types of products would require more than one person to wrap by hand, but here it only takes a single operator to wrap any size windows or frame.
Watch the video and learn more here
PLP-2150 Low Profile Stretch Wrapper for Wheeled Cart
Stretch Wrapper For Wheeled Carts
This customized stretch wrapper suited the commercial laundry, but it also is used in other applications. Many specialty products end up being placed in trays or bins on a cart. The cart then needs to be wrapped to protect the fragile product from outside elements. The nursery and garden industry is the perfect example. Vegetable plants and flowers are often shipped on large carts to home improvement stores.
Watch the video and learn more here
Stretch Packaging for Agriculture, Phoenix High Profile Stretch Wrapper. Learn more...
Rotary Ring Wrapper - Ideal for empty bottle wrapping to serve the beverage industry. Learn more...
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