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Semi Automatic High Profile Stretch Wrapping Videos

This machine is designed specifically for forklift loaded applications. Compared to low profile turntable stretch wrappers, this turntable provides easier loading and positioning access because it is elevated. Poor pallets also do not end up dragging on the machine frame as can happen on a low profile system.

Semi Automatic High Profile Stretch Wrapper

Phoenix PHP-2100 Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper
Phoenix PHP-2100 Easy Threading Film Carriage Explained
If you’re handling low-volume applications, a semi automatic stretch wrapper may be the best solution for you. These machines provide a safe method of unitizing loads, while providing a competent pallet load to fulfill your customers’ demands. 
Watch this stretch wrapper in action
PLP-2100 High Profile
Unitize The Load Consistently, While Providing Your Pallet Load With a Professional Look
The Phoenix semi automatic low and high profile pallet wrapper are the perfect choice for stretch wrapping up to 80-100 pallets per day. These machines will provide a safe method of unitizing the load consistently, while providing your pallet load with a professional look that your customers demand. 
Watch the video and learn more here
Phoenix PHP-2100 Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper
Phoenix High Profile With Film Slitting Option For Wrapping Produce Products
Adopting the Phoenix High Profile Stretch Wrapper equipped with the Breathe Easy Film Slitter in his packaging line, the customer is now provided with an efficient and cost effective solution for those specific requirements.
Watch this stretch wrapper in action
Phoenix High Profile For Unitizing Loads Safely
Unitize Your Loads Safely With a Pallet Stretch Wrapper
Unitized loads moved by forklift are less likely to suffer damage than loose boxes carried by hand. Moving a unitized load throughout a warehouse minimizes the risk of product damage.
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Phoenix Film Slitter for Product Requiring Ventilation
Film Slitter For Wrapping Products Requiring Ventilation
In the agricultural industry, there are special packaging considerations, to prevent condensation or spoilage the product needs to breathe (i.e. fruits, vegetables, eggs, plants) thus maintaining airflow becomes essential.
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Phoenix Film Slitter for Agriculture
Stretch Packaging Equipment For Agriculture
Agriculture professionals aim to deliver the freshest fruits and vegetables while protecting their produce from any damaging impacts. In order for produce to breathe and remain fresh, they can’t be completely wrapped. This would be equivalent to taking freshly picked strawberries and sealing them in plastic bag. Within a short period of time, these strawberries would spoil.
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phoenix Dual Roll Film Carriage for wrapping clay roofing tiles and other heavy loads
Dual Roll Film Carriage For Wrapping Clay And Concrete Roofing Tiles

The Dual Film Carriage is best used in applications where very high film force is required. The Phoenix Dual Film Carriage System wraps the loads using two rolls of film, one is applied in bands the other full web.

Watch this stretch wrapper in action
Phoenix PHP-2150 Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper
Semi Automatic With Manual Top Sheet Application
Phoenix PHP-2150 semi-automatic high profile pallet stretch wrapper, standard skid wrapping with manual top sheet application. This machine is designed specifically for forklift loaded applications.
Watch this stretch wrapper in action
Phoenix Film Carriage eliminates broken film downtime
Phoenix Film Carriage Eliminates Broken Film Downtime
Some manufacturers call this feature "FAST" others call it No Film Break, we call it Standard!
Learn more about our film carriage features here
Stretch Packaging for Agriculture, Phoenix High Profile Stretch Wrapper. Learn more...
Rotary Ring Wrapper - Ideal for empty bottle wrapping to serve the beverage industry. Learn more...
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