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Automatic Pallet Wrapper With Rotary Arm Ideal for Heavy or Light Loads


A rotary arm automatic pallet wrapper, like the PRTA-2150 shown in this video, is ideal for packaging heavy or light loads. Why? The pallet remains stationary while the rotary arm encircles the pallet with stretch film. This eliminates any safety concerns over an unstable, heavy or light pallet toppling over during a high-speed wrapping process.

This automatic pallet wrapper is fast. It can wrap 45-60 pallet loads in an hour with 15 RPM wrapping speed. For those heavy loads, it can handle up to 4,000 pounds on the conveyor.

This type of pallet wrap machine is commonly used in-line with the rest of the packaging line creating maximum efficiency. Watch the rotary arm around 0:34 in the video to see our cut and wipe system in action; the stretch film is cleanly cut (not torn) and then firmly attached to the pallet.
The PRTA-2150 is available in a cantilever frame (shown in video) as well as an A-frame model. Because of its speed and versatility this is one of our most popular automatic pallet wrappers. Take it as is or talk to us about customization options.

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Potential Industries: Heavy Loads, Light Loads, Unstable Loads.

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