Phoenix Dual Film Carriage Rolls And Film Slitting Upgrade

This Dual Film Carriage is best  used in applications where very high film force is required. Once pre-stretched, the films  forms a strong bond that allows extremely high film tensions compared to standard pre-stretch. One film is slit and passes through adjustable roping system while the second film stays full web.
Learn how this Carriage system is used in various industry applications.

Introducing Phoenix PRRA Series Rotary Ring Wrapper

Introducing Phoenix Rotary Ring Pallet Stretch Wrapper:
Designed for 3 shift 7 day throughput applications. Outperforms conventional wrappers in all aspects of performance. This technology all but replaced arm and turntable able automatics in Europe years ago. A revolutionary design based on the film carriage rotating around a stationary load using a rotating ring . Learn more about the Rotary Ring Wrapper here