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Phoenix will attend the Pack Expo 2016 in Chicago

2016_PEI_Logo_Vrt_4cOn November 6 to 9 Phoenix will be at the Pack Expo 2016 show in Chicago Illinois.  If you’re looking for a stretch packaging machine that can help you reduce your costs and increase your productivity, come visit us at at the McCormick Place at  booth # N-4931!

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Phoenix will showcase the semi automatic pallet wrappers line at the Modex 2016 in Atlanta, GA

Pallet wrappers and stretch wrappers by PhoenixOn April 4 to 7, Phoenix will be at the Modex 2016 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA,  come and visit us at booth #3347.

We will showcase our Semi Automatic Pallet Wrappers as well as our Breathe Easy Film Slitter, a cost effective solution where air flow is required to help prevent condensation from building up under the film.

The Breathe Easy Film Slitter slice the film into 3 or more individual bands than can be adjusted in width. Ideal for products that require air flow, heat dissipation and condensation/moisture prevention (such as produce, flowers, dairy products etc..).

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See our stretch wrappers in action at PackExpo 2015 in Las Vegas!

See our stretch wrappers in action at PackExpo 2015 in Las Vegas!
Pack Expo 2015 – Las Vegas September 28-30

Phoenix will attend the PackExpo 2015 in Las Vegas, come to visit us and see our stretch wrappers in action!

Come and join us at the PackExpo 2015 trade show in Las Vegas on September 28-30 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  We will be showcasing our automatic  and semi automatic stretch wrappers product line.  Our application engineers will be glad to answer any questions you may have about our stretch wrap equipment. We will demonstrate how you can save thousands of dollars in film cost saving with our top of the line Rotary Ring Wrapper, as well as how we can customize or integrate our products for your specific application requirements. Use code 15G84  to get your Free registration here now! So get ready for PACK EXPO, Vegas-style!

Tired of having to hand wrap your pallets load every day? Is your head still spinning since your last wrapping session? Tell your boss there is a better way.

Hand wrapping is inefficient and dangerousAsk your boss if he ever asked himself if hand wrapping is the most cost effective, fast and safe way to handle the company packaging applications. Like any other boss he’s not going to be happy about hearing that he’s being asked to fork more money to replace something that “apparently” worked so well for so many years….Well,  many of the reasons below are going to prove him wrong.

Here are some:

  • It is very hard to be consistent, all your wrapped loads will look oddly uneven and not uniform.
  • It does’t look very professional, not even once.
  • It’s not safe, really, how many time you got blisters, cuts and bruises while hand wrapping? Sorry for that.
  • It is slooow, yes, it is.  Our cheapest pallet wrapper can wrap 40 pallets/hr.
  • You waste a lot of film for nothing, which means “money”.
  • Customer satisfaction. Do you really think that your customers are happy with your loosely wrapped, crooked ghetto look pallet loads?

Those are just some of them, we want to help you convincing him, and give you at least 10  good reasons to replace hand wrapping with a Pallet Stretch Wrapper.

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Phoenix announces move to Allen Bradley components throughout the product line

Allen Bradley componentsA number of upgrades have been recently implemented to the complete range of Phoenix stretch wrapper products. One of these upgrades is that all Phoenix semi-automatic stretch wrappers and fully automatic stretch wrappers are controlled using Allen Bradley variable frequency drives for all motors. From our entry level wrapper right up to the high speed automatics, the BALDOR motors are now all controlled using ALLEN BRADLEY Powerflex VFDs. VFD control provides accurate and increased flexibility of the motor and eliminate the problematic DC control boards and the maintenance issues associated with DC motors. Unlike DC motors which can be difficult to locate, AC motors are readily available worldwide.

Allen Bradley components are predominantly used throughout the Phoenix product line. The simplicity, maintenance improvements and control capabilities are improved dramatically and make this upgrade to our lineup a big hit with our customers worldwide. We are sure that this readily available name brand will simplify after sales support for our customers.