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Phoenix will attend the Pack Expo 2016 in Chicago

2016_PEI_Logo_Vrt_4cOn November 6 to 9 Phoenix will be at the Pack Expo 2016 show in Chicago Illinois.  If you’re looking for a stretch packaging machine that can help you reduce your costs and increase your productivity, come visit us at at the McCormick Place at  booth # N-4931!

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Phoenix will showcase the semi automatic pallet wrappers line at the Modex 2016 in Atlanta, GA

Pallet wrappers and stretch wrappers by PhoenixOn April 4 to 7, Phoenix will be at the Modex 2016 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA,  come and visit us at booth #3347.

We will showcase our Semi Automatic Pallet Wrappers as well as our Breathe Easy Film Slitter, a cost effective solution where air flow is required to help prevent condensation from building up under the film.

The Breathe Easy Film Slitter slice the film into 3 or more individual bands than can be adjusted in width. Ideal for products that require air flow, heat dissipation and condensation/moisture prevention (such as produce, flowers, dairy products etc..).

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See our stretch wrappers in action at PackExpo 2015 in Las Vegas!

See our stretch wrappers in action at PackExpo 2015 in Las Vegas!
Pack Expo 2015 – Las Vegas September 28-30

Phoenix will attend the PackExpo 2015 in Las Vegas, come to visit us and see our stretch wrappers in action!

Come and join us at the PackExpo 2015 trade show in Las Vegas on September 28-30 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  We will be showcasing our automatic  and semi automatic stretch wrappers product line.  Our application engineers will be glad to answer any questions you may have about our stretch wrap equipment. We will demonstrate how you can save thousands of dollars in film cost saving with our top of the line Rotary Ring Wrapper, as well as how we can customize or integrate our products for your specific application requirements. Use code 15G84  to get your Free registration here now! So get ready for PACK EXPO, Vegas-style!

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Check out our upgraded product offering at proMatOnce again Phoenix is in the beautiful city of Chicago for another packaging show. Thanks for all that visited us and if you haven’t done so yet, pass by our booth # 1859 and check out our upgraded stretch wrappers, it is the last day and we are super busy but we always have time for you!

Tired of having to hand wrap your pallets load every day? Is your head still spinning since your last wrapping session? Tell your boss there is a better way.

Hand wrapping is inefficient and dangerousAsk your boss if he ever asked himself if hand wrapping is the most cost effective, fast and safe way to handle the company packaging applications. Like any other boss he’s not going to be happy about hearing that he’s being asked to fork more money to replace something that “apparently” worked so well for so many years….Well,  many of the reasons below are going to prove him wrong.

Here are some:

  • It is very hard to be consistent, all your wrapped loads will look oddly uneven and not uniform.
  • It does’t look very professional, not even once.
  • It’s not safe, really, how many time you got blisters, cuts and bruises while hand wrapping? Sorry for that.
  • It is slooow, yes, it is.  Our cheapest pallet wrapper can wrap 40 pallets/hr.
  • You waste a lot of film for nothing, which means “money”.
  • Customer satisfaction. Do you really think that your customers are happy with your loosely wrapped, crooked ghetto look pallet loads?

Those are just some of them, we want to help you convincing him, and give you at least 10  good reasons to replace hand wrapping with a Pallet Stretch Wrapper.

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Phoenix will attend MODEX 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia on March 17-20

Modex 2014

We are glad to announce that Phoenix Wrappers will be present at the Modex 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia at the Georgia World Congress Center. The Modex 2014 Trade show is one of the greatest supply chain show of the year. We will show our product and in particular our Rotary Ring Pallet Wrapper, we will demonstrate how you can save thousands of dollars every year in film cost saving. Join us on March 17 to March 20, look for Us at Booth# 8134!

Phoenix Dual Film Carriage Rolls And Film Slitting Upgrade

This Dual Film Carriage is best  used in applications where very high film force is required. Once pre-stretched, the films  forms a strong bond that allows extremely high film tensions compared to standard pre-stretch. One film is slit and passes through adjustable roping system while the second film stays full web.
Learn how this Carriage system is used in various industry applications.

Doing More With Less – A New Wave Of Change In The Stretchwrapping Industry

Rotary Ring Wrappers
(From the
article “The Finishing Stretch”, Canadian Packaging, 31 March 201 )
Keeping a pallet loaded with packaged products safe and sound from shipment to customer delivery may not sound like one of the most glamorous packaging functions out there, but no self-respecting end-of-line packaging operation is really worthy of the name these days without at least one reliable, robust stretchwrapping machine in place to apply layers of stretchwrap film onto palletized loads to keep them stable and secure throughout their journey down the supply chain.

But while standard turntable and rotary-arm stretchwrapping technology has been largely bypassed by groundbreaking technological advances witnessed in some other packaging machinery segments, recent developments in the stretchwrapping systems and materials market suggest that this vitally important equipment category may be entering a far more exciting chapter in its evolution driven by relentless technological innovation, ongoing costs-reduction efforts, and concerns about the environmental impact of tonnes of discarded stretchwrap film ending up at landfills around the globe.

Doing more with less appears to be the emerging new mantra for some of North America’s leading stretchwrapping equipment manufacturers and distributors, with technology-savvy companies like Phoenix Innotech Inc. of Laval, Que., setting the pace in new equipment design and performance capabilities.

You cannot look at stretchwrap equipment improvements without addressing the improvements in stretch film“,says Phoenix Innotech general manager Graham Nicholson.

With the vast improvements in stretch film technology, typical stretch film thicknesses have plummeted, and this ‘downgauge era’ has resulted in a real paradigm shift as to what is most required from stretchwrapping equipment today” as thin gauge films have eliminated the need for maximizing pre-stretch capabilities by up to 350 per cent.

Now it is about providing a machine that can consistently run these light-gauge films and eliminating inherent deficiencies in the wrapping process“, says Nicholson, explaining that Phoenix has recently addressed the issue by upgrading its film carriage design to execute reliable wraps even with film defects like nicks, gel spots or holes without film breaks.

There is one huge deficiency in the conventional wrapping process that is causing a strong wave of change,” says Nicholson, pointing out there’s been remarkably little real advancement in the mechanical design of most stretchwrapping systems in the 40 years since they were first commercialized.

Turntable and rotary-arm technology has not really changed since the early 1970s“, relates Nicholson, deriding the “inherent deficiency” and “costly drawbacks” of having the clamp and the cutting system both located in a fixed location on the conveyor. This means that while the carriage moves to the top of the load to start a wrap cycle it must dispense wasted film as it moves to get there. These two or more extra revolutions only increase costs, waste and wrapping time, while bringing little additional, if any, load integrity to the load being wrapped.

In fact, Nicholson contends, the costs of these extra film revolutions end up running into tens of thousands of dollars-money that could be easily recovered with his company’s rotary-ring machines whose clamp-and-cut mechanisms move within the carriage to eliminate the extra film revolutions and facilitate faster, more customized wrapping cycles.

A recent customer who saved over $30,000 per year in stretch film costs likened it to using an old eight-pound satellite phone instead of a hands-free cellphone“, Nicholson recalls.

Although patent issues prevented the widespread use of ring technology in North America to date, the overwhelming dominance of rotary-ring technology had already taken hold about 15 years ago in Europe, where today’s rotary-ring wrappers have effectively replaced the old conventional rotary-arm and turntable automatic machines,” Nicholson relates. “I don’t think it will be long before companies in North America begin switching en masse from the old turntables and rotary-arm machines to rotary ring equipment to take advantage of those cost benefits, and our company is actually leading the wave of this sweeping change by offering two models of rotary-ring systems to allow every level of end-user take advantage of this game-changing technology.

New Phoenix Stretch Wrapper – PRRA-4000 Automatic Rotary Ring

Rotary Ring Wrapper
More speed, more productivity, more savings!

The PRRA-4000 Rotary Ring Wrapper with his new 4 post heavy frame design and 40 RPM, provides high speed wrapping and unmatched film savings. A blazing 40 RPM and 120+ load per hour with a minimal footprint that takes 25% less space that most rotary arm style wrappers.
Learn more about the Phoenix PRRA-4000 Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper here

Phoenix Appoints Rob Shoemaker as West Coast Representative

Rob Shoemaker, a 20-year veteran of the packaging industry, has been appointed the exclusive West Coast representative of Phoenix stretch wrappers, one of the fastest growing stretch and pallet wrapping equipment manufacturers in North America, effective immediately.

Shoemaker will manage sales and customer service of the full Phoenix product line of automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrapping products throughout the West Coast.

“Phoenix offers technologically advanced stretch wrapping machinery, engineered by industry veterans that will stand up to any competitive brand,” says Shoemaker. “It is a well established product that I am proud to be introducing to the West Coast.”

Shoemaker brings 15 years prior experience as Orion Packaging System’s West Coast regional manager where he was the number one distributor for 13 years. He was also awarded for setting the all-time record for the most sales in a single month in the company’s 20 plus year history. Shoemaker was strategically involved in several innovative stretch wrapping equipment advancements in the beverage, concrete products and agricultural industry.

“I had the pleasure of working along side Rob for 15 year with Orion, and I can honestly say there is no one on the West Coast that has a better understanding of this industry,” says Mucha. “Shoemaker is a valued partner and we are happy to have him on the Phoenix team.