Increase Efficiency With a Custom Stretch Wrapper

Phoenix Wrappers has a stretch wrapping machine to suit any business. From an entry-level semi-automatic to an automatic stretch wrapper to our proprietary rotary ring wrapper, we have options.

custom stretch wrapper

Phoenix Wrappers Dual Film Carriage System (pictured) is designed specifically for heavy loads that require extra tension and security out of their stretch wrapping.

Your business may have specific needs, or a job that calls for a specialized tool. Our engineers are experts in making our stretch wrapping technology work efficiently and tailoring to your specific application. Over the years, we’ve developed many customized stretch wrappers to fit different industries.

We’ve taken a look at custom stretch wrappers we’ve built for the bottling and agriculture industries. Now, we’ll look at an automatic stretch wrapper designed for heavy loads (i.e. brick & block, agriculture, nursery, gardening) and a customized conveyor system for a distribution center with pallet jack operations.

Heavy Loads

Phoenix Wrappers Dual Film Carriage System is ideal for heavy loads, like bricks, pavers, and bagged soil and fertilizers.

A pallet stacked high with bricks is one of the toughest applications out there for stretch wrapping and the same goes for other heavy, sturdy products. Our customers have come to us with challenges like tall stacks of fertilizer bags, roof tiles, and concrete pavers. This type of pallet requires a strong stretch wrap, one that withstands sharp edges and has enough force to hold the load together during shipping. The consequences of a poor wrapping job are not only loss of product, but also, with such a heavy load, the potential for injury if a load topples over.

To suit this type of application, Phoenix Wrappers developed the dual film carriage system. Once pre-stretched, this dual film is nearly unbreakable. How does it work? The first step is to put slits in one of the stretch films, and run it through an adjustable roping system. The second film stays intact. The two films merge together in our pre-stretch machine creating a bonded film that’s ready for the job at hand.

Now, the film is applied to the pallet load with a high tension by our stretch wrapping machine. With each revolution, because of the high tension, less film is used in less time than a traditional wrapping machine. That’s what we call an efficient operation!

Our dual film carriage system can be added to any of our automatic or semi-automatic stretch wrappers. Our clients have used this system in the brick & block, nursery (bagged soil, fertilizer), and agriculture (hay bales) industries.

Pallet Jack Operations

An employee at a distribution center builds a pallet load then places it on a custom Phoenix conveyor system.

Distribution centers are like highly sophisticated machines with dozens of moving parts. In pick and pack operations, a team of employees (many of them operating hand pallets) are often gathering products to be shipped on pallets. In this type of operation, the addition of an automatic stretch wrapper can make a huge difference in terms of speed and efficiency in the warehouse.

Yet, one of the problems our clients often face is incorporating a conveyor system that’s low enough to the ground to make it easily accessible for the pallet jack. For this application, Phoenix Wrappers had designed a low profile conveying system with a pallet jack ramp. The five-inch pass height accommodates pallet jacks, electric walkies and triple pallet riding trucks.

Paired with an automatic stretch wrapper, the conveyor system streamlines production resulting in increased production and efficiency, as well as stretch film and labor savings.

If you’re interested in learning more about our custom stretch wrappers, contact us today!

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