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PHOENIX: A Proud Sponsor Of SCCA Formula Atlantic Mucha Racing Team
Driving for success...better if at 260Km/h
New Formula Atlantic CarJacekBuilding a stretch wrapper for high performance and endurance requires the same engineering approach as building and running a race car. Both design technology and engineering have to be constantly pushed to succeed. A sub par component in a race car can cost you a race on the last lap. Cutting corners on the design can mean the difference in winning and losing. The same goes with designing and manufacturing stretch wrap equipment. Jacek has been racing SCCA Formula Atlantic race cars for many years. Driven by his love for design, technology, and competition, Jacek competes well on the circuit. And Jacek, as owner of Phoenix takes the same approach to his stretch wrap equipment as he does to his racing. His passion and love for high performance and quality shows in everything he does which is why the Phoenix product line and his SCCA Formula Atlantic race team are leaders in their respective Industries.
And with his Racing Team Jacek went even further, driving also his own Formula Atlantic Car!

Below are some of the pictures of Jacek taken during the SCCA Valvoline Runoffs
Jacek Mucha Team Phoenix
Jacek Mucha Team Phoenix
SCCA-RACE Kaw Valley Race Group, Salute To Workers National, Jun 17, 2007 (Heartland Park Topeka Track)
SCCA-RACE Kaw Valley Race Group, Salute To Workers National, Jun 17, 2007 (Heartland Park Topeka Track)
Jacek Mucha Driving Formula Atlantic Car
Jacek Mucha Driving Formula Atlantic Ca
SCCA Valvoline Runoffs, 2001-09-21 (Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course) FA Race
SCCA-RACE Valvoline Runoffs, 2002-09-22 (Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course) CSR Race
Jacek Mucha Driving Formula Atlantic Ca
SCCA-RACE Valvoline Runoffs, 2003-09-19 (Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course) FA Race
Formula Atlantic
Formula Atlantic are derived historically from the old Formula B class, Formula Atlantic is commonly refered to these days as "FA". FA cars are permitted both wings and ground effects tunnels; in the Pro series they must use a 1600cc Fuel Injected Toyota Motor, but in the Club series, they may use a non Fuel Injected version of the motor, as well as a number of older motors of displacement between 1100cc and 1600cc such as the Cosworth BDA (Belt Drive A).
See Jacek Car specs here...

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