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In April 2006, Phoenix and CAPS (Can Am Packaging Systems) partnered to form the most focused and dynamic suppliers in the stretch packaging industry. Phoenix engineers and manufactures the equipment with CAPS providing all sales & marketing support for the group. Phoenix's strength in design & manufacturing combined with CAPS' focused approach to sales, marketing, and customer service results in the creation of a packaging group that provides outstanding overall performance to its distributor network and customers. Continually reviewing the issues from the customer's point of view allows us to tailor our designs and solutions to meet the customer's requirements and not just ours. Our combined focus on the customer is a proven winner, and it shows in the outstanding growth of the group.
Phoenix Production PlantStarted in 1994, Phoenix is a leading manufacturer of stretch wrapping equipment with a full compliment of stretch wrap equipment from semi-automatic up to high speed fully automatic customized material handling systems. Having a well earned reputation of dependable, "built like a tank" machine design, Phoenix continues to provide stretch wrap machinery that can handle our customer's worst conditions with ease. Focused exclusively on stretch packaging, Phoenix gives your applications the attention they deserve. The Phoenix product line does not include strappers, tapers, palletizers, sealers, mops, or film. Phoenix designs and manufactures a full line of semi-auto and fully automatic stretch packaging equipment. It is this focus that allows us to outclass our competition who are occupied with introducing various non-related products that use up valuable resources.
Continual product line improvement and new product development ensures that Phoenix is providing a competitive product that continues to meet the needs of the market.

Phoenix Sponsored Formula Atlantic Owner Jacek Mucha constantly drives the engineering team to produce a faster, stronger, and more competitive machine. His drive comes from his passion for engineering innovation and design in machine technology. This natural propensity is paralleled with his passion for race cars.
Mr. Mucha owns his own competitive Formula Atlantic racing company where he designs, builds, and even drives his own cars. Jacek Mucha understands machinery and builds with performance in mind.
CAPS Packaging SystemsStarted in 1996, CAPS has grown to be a leading North American supplier of stretch packaging equipment. Our technical sales support and product management rather than Sales management system ensures that our distribution network and customers are supported with timely solutions to their stretch wrapping applications. Educating our customers and potential customers is critical to our success as a knowledgeable customer will recognize the value, features and support that our group offers. Our knowledge of the stretch wrapping industry stems not only from our background in designing & manufacturing of stretch equipment but also from our years of field service of all brands of stretch wrapper

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